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El Nino to warm up Anfield

As of the 21st, I'll no longer be a resident of Western Australia. Fuck yes. I'll really miss the daily racist, bigoted, xenophobic and generally arse-backwards letters from the "Your Opinions!" section of the West Australian though. And how will I keep on Ben Cousins' daily goings on?

Speaking of Ben Cousins, he came into my work today. Jerk didn't leave a tip. Manky old shot which has been sitting around for about ten minutes for you then, Ballbagosaurus.

I have to hand in my resignation notice in the next couple of days. I can see that being really fucking awkward. Everyone knows I'm leaving and everything, but to obtain my sweet sweet annual leave payouts I have to submit it in writing. Also hand back my uniform. Fuck. I was really hoping to rock my illfitting beret and filthy apron combo and nowt else when I meet my new housemates for the first time. Thwarted again!

In other work-related news, some upstanding citizen decided to leave the biggest, chunkiest puddle of vomit on our back steps last night. It looked like spaghetti carbonara! I had to take a running leap to avoid getting it all up in my business. My business socks, that is. 3 pairs for $10.99 from Target.

Hey, you know what is much more delicious than rogue pools of Saturday night Northbridge spew? Baked banana! With caramel sauce and icecream! Fucking Ready Steady Cook really came through with the goods with this one. In fact, I am in the process of baking a banana right now!

Note: "Baking a banana" is in no way sexual innuendo. I actually chucked a banana in the oven.

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