The Mysterious Anti-Denmark Crusader (mertle) wrote,
The Mysterious Anti-Denmark Crusader

Spreadin' ranch dressin' all ovah mah peeeeeep.

Wasting time in a weird little internet cafe in Richmond while Jessie is at work! How exciting!


- I moved! I still have no stuff, and I'm sleeping in a sleeping bag on a single mattress on the floor, but who cares? I have a lovely view of the BIGGEST FUCKING SUICIDE FLATS EVER across the street from me, and trams going past my window every five minutes or so. Oh yeah, it's also real fucking cold at night. Like, I can feel my blood solidifying in my veins cold. Fuck that shit.

- Yeah, apart from that, I've just been napping with Jessie, wandering around aimlessly, catching trams aimlessly, hanging with Pete (his dad let us backstage at the museum! What a dude! I think Jessie's dad could take him though, he seems a bit short. But then again, Bruce Lee totally took Kareem Abdul Jabbar out in whatever movie that was though.) and eating Sultana bran in the dark cause the light switch is all the way over the other side of the room. Oh yeah, our house has no TVs either. What the fuck, housemates? How am I supposed to keep up to date on the EXCITING NEW WORLD OF NEIGHBOURS?

- Oh, I bought these:

Fuck yeah. They've got little samurai pictures inside them and everything!

The following is a list of things I need to buy, and probably should have purchased before the aforementioned shoes:

- Drawers
- Desk
- Chair
- Lamp

I already got myself a washing basket from Safeway (It's still fucking Woolies to me), so don't fret, my dirty clothes are safely stored in a plastic cylinder.

And my housemates are nice enough, judging from the minute amount of time I've spent in their company. Rich/Richie/Richard is a ranga from Geelong who loves Collingwood and studies social engineering or some crap. Shay is a girl... yeah, I know absolutely nothing about her, apart from the fact that her parents are Sri Lankan and that she plays Tegan and Sara real loud so it filters upstairs into my room. And Kathryn is Rich's girlfriend who unofficially lives there. I know little about her either. But none of them seem to be nazis or members of Resistance Australia or anything. Or vegans. Gross.

PS If you're looking for a chicken, cheese and tomato meal washed down with a mid-sized beer, come to my neighbourhood. Within 500m of my house I know of 3 $11 PARMA AND POT! combo vendors and one $12 one. The last one either has the best fucking chicken parmagiana in the world, or gets no business at all. I bet they use only the finest grade tinned tomato paste on their schnitzels. La Gina or whatever.
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