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Two permanently locked doors + two flights of stairs proves to be quite a hassle when you're in the midst of a mad diarrhoea dash from the tramstop. Keep that in mind.

My stuff still hasn't arrived, but I do have some furniture! Well, a lamp, a chair, a half-finished set of drawers and a desk-in-a-box. Who knew the lack of a hammer/flathead screwdriver would be such an obstacle to Ikea furniture-building?

My house doesn't feel like an actual house, more like a really crappy hotel which is completely lacking in any facilities. I've been here 8 days, and I've seen my housemates a total of 3 times each. I may as well be living by myself, which would be okay, but I don't have any of the benefits of actually living alone. Like perma-nudity. Cause who knows when they might actually rock up? I HAVE NO WARNING SYSTEM. And I still don't know if they're THOSE housemates. You know, the type who insist on seperate bottles of milk/tubs of butter/utensils. So I'm still real apprehensive about actually using my kitchen. Or any part of my house that isn't my bedroom, really. The laundry, for example. Speaking of which, it's inconveniently located as an offshoot of the bathroom. So if someone's showering/pinching a grumpy, I can't wash my pants. Or vice-versa. If someone has stuff in the dryer, is it okay to start showering? Fuck, this is perplexing.

The radio is playing Dangerzone by Kenny Loggins. Any doubts I had about my move have now been washed away.


- Go to hardware store, buy tools.
- Ring removal company, inquire about whereabouts of my belongings.
- Sniff milk which expire two days ago, use on cereal if non-offensive.
- I dunno, wander down Lygon St and buy some souvlaki or someshit.
- Read my book in "bed", be really cold and sick, cough a lot, speak to no-one for a good 12 hours or so.

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