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The Thirst Crusher.

I just cannot comprehend anyone willing letting my housemate stick his penis in their vagina, but that is what is seemingly taking place. The dude's head looks like a fucking shoebox with googly eyes attached, his voice sounds like the permanently amplified version of someone who shops exclusively at RM Williams and he has the personality of a particularly dull Jack Russell. Fuck I hate that guy, and wish cancer upon him.

Also, right now I can hear a group of drunken college kids singing Hey Jude really loudly as they walk down Lygon Street. And I'd give it about half an hour before that fucking weirdo starts with those nightly boooooooooWOOP! noises. I think they come from the commission flats, but I'm really not sure.

In conclusion, I'm getting out of here as soon as I can. I'll probably end up in another dicey random sharehouse situation, cause I don't really know anyone who's looking to move out and rent is fucking ridiculous in this city. Finding a vacant rental property within 20km of the city would probably be next to impossible right now.
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