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mertle's Journal

The Mysterious Anti-Denmark Crusader
18 March
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Back, Back, Forwards, Low Kick
a silver mt. zion, apple juice, astrophysics, at the drive-in, balki, bats and mice, bill hicks, black books, brainiac, bronson pinchot, bruce mcculloch, burning airlines, camera obscura, carl carlson, cave-in, clikitat ikatowi, combovers, conan o'brien, crazy bums, creaming soda aftertaste, deal or no deal?, death cab for cutie, dino-riders, domakesaythink, doonas, dr. robotnik, drive like jehu, enon, faraquet, fin fang foom, fish fingers, fly pan am, four hundred years, fugazi, futurama, gamera, girls against boys, glockenspiels, goatcheese, goatsack, godspeed you! black emperor, green cordial, grilled cheese, grimace, guys named bruce, heinz big red, hoover, hot snakes, hot water music, idi amin's pants, indie rock, jawbox, john munch, june of 44, juno, kids in the hall, krc genk, kuching, kwak glasses, law and order, leeds united, lenny briscoe, les murray, les savy fav, liars, lifter puller, man or astroman?, manatees, masters of the universe, math-rock, mer-man, milemarker, modest mouse, nation of ulysses, new terror class, new wet kojak, north perth alleys, onomatopoeia, party of helicopters, penguins, post-hardcore, pugs, q and not u, refused, rites of spring, rye coalition, saetia, scratch crosswords, shellac, shiner, shudder to think, sleepytime trio, solitaire scrabble, sonic the hedgehog, steak and kidney pie, subway meatballs, sweep the leg johnny, the album leaf, the black heart procession, the blood brothers, the convocation of..., the detachment kit, the dismemberment plan, the distance formula, the icarus line, the paper chase, the spotlight syndicate, the world game, this computer kills, today tonight, transformers, tristeza, two piece feeds, ugly casanova, uzbekistan, you and i